Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing Lab

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The Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing Laboratory (MDSP Lab)

The MDSP lab conducts research in the general areas of multidimensional and multiresolution signal and image processing and estimation and geometric-based estimation. The applications that motivate this research include, but are not limited to, problems arising in automatic target detection and recognition, geophysical inverse problems (such as finding oil and analyzing the atmosphere), and medical estimation problems (such as tomography and MRI). Our general goal is to develop efficient methods for the extraction of information from diverse data sources in the presence of uncertainty. The approach we take is based on the development of statistical models for both observations and prior knowledge and the subsequent use of these models for optimal or near-optimal processing. The laboratory, directed by Professor W. Clem Karl, is part of the Information Systems and Sciences Group at Boston University, which is affiliated with the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Departments at Boston University.


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